Tips on how to rent out your RV


The need for RV services is increasing as more people want to reconnect with the countryside. The future of the RV business is growing as many people want to explore nature with all its greenness as opposed to noisy and busy urban life. This therefore offers an entrepreneur a chance to think out of box and come up with RV services that will ensure that they get maximum ROI. There various factors that you must consider before renting out your RV. This article therefore provides you with tips on what should be considered as follows:

Condition of your RV

Before renting out your vehicle, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition. You need to check the condition of important parts like the brakes, electrical system and the engine at large. You need to ensure that you rent out a vehicle which is in good condition for the safety of the renters. Besides, a vehicle in good condition will attract handsome rental income than a poorly maintained one. You need to set specific schedule on maintaining your vehicle. These can be either monthly or twice yearly.


Though you might have a standard cover for your RV rental, when you rent it out requires different coverage. It is important to talk to your insurance company to provide an insurance product that fits RVs that have been rented. This will ensure that you are compensated in the event of an accident or your vehicle being vandalized.

Vetting Your Renters

Most RV owners consider their vehicles as second homes. Because of this, it is important to vet out properly the person who want to rent it. It is important to check important aspects like their driving background and the criminal history. This enables you not to provide your RV to people who don’t have a good background in driving and whose criminal records are wanting.

Mileage recording

It is important to have down both the generator and mileage hours so that it enables you to surcharge any additional mileage. You are also expected to set the daily mileage limits.

Personal belonging

You should only remove essentials like clothing before surrendering your RV to renters. Other important items like beddings and kitchen items should be left there as the RV acts as a hotel room.

Pet policies

It is important to formulate policies concerning pets in your Rent my RV. If you don’t allow them, you should clearly state and be clear on the consequences that will follow if the rule is broken. On the other hand, if you allow pets, be clear on which ones you allow and how they should be handled while in the RV.


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